2009 Argiolas Costera Isla Dei Nuraglia
Sardinia, Italy
WB Rating: 89

Alcohol by volume: 14.0%
Price at time of purchase: $14.99 (Shoprite, Trenton, NJ)
Type: Italian Red
Principal varietal(s): Cannonau

A great value in really interesting red wine. Made in Sardinia from the cannonau grape, which I believe is related to alicante and grenache. I expected a rustic, somewhat clumsy wine, and instead got an absolutely silky smooth, balanced, full-flavored, spicy, delicious red. Deep berry fruit at the core, but floating over this is a perfume filled with spice and pine resin. Complex, classically structured, and really fun to drink. Throw this one in as a ringer in a blind grenache tasting. - HK 2012-05-05


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