1987 Carmenet Cabernet Sauvignon
Sonoma Valley, California
WB Rating: 86

Alcohol by volume: 13.2%
Price at time of purchase: $0.00 (Library wine)
Type: Cabernet / Bordeaux
Principal varietal(s): 85% Cabernet, 9% Cabernet Franc, 6% Merlot

I prefer the 1988 Carmenet Cab to this one, but both are astonishly long-lived for California reds that were tasty within years of bottling. I've always been hard on the '87 for being a bit watery compared to the '88, but in this tasting the '87 was still hanging in there beautifully. In fact this is the highest I've rated it over a period of nearly 10 years. It displayed a very Bordeaux-like cassis/cedar/tobacco nose and excellent flavors, with no sign of over-the-hill texture or taste. The wine is not particularly extracted or long, but is certainly extremely pleasant to drink. Remarkable at age 18. I'm sure it's not going anywhere though, so drink up. Whatever happened to Carmenet? ... - HK 2005-03-13


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