2006 Chateau St. Jean Chardonnay Robert Young Vineyard Alexander Valley
Alexander Valley, Sonoma, California
WB Rating: 90

Alcohol by volume: 14.4%
Price at time of purchase: $20.99 ()
Type: Chardonnay
Principal varietal(s): 100% Chardonnay

I rate this Chateau St. Jean Chardonnay only a tad behind the outstanding 2006 Chardonnay from the Robert Young Estate Winery itself,and since the price of the Chateau St. Jean version is about half as much, it is a relative bargain. Quite a different style than the Robert Young Estate Winery bottling - a little less fruit-driven, a little spicier and toastier, and with a livelier, higher-acid feel to it. Excellent, rich, complex nose of ripe peach fruit and a heavy dose of nutmeg/cloves spices and butterscotch. Ripe, full texture, but with plenty of acidity backing it up, making it feel crisp, clean, and precise. Really an excellent price for a Chardonnay this classy. - HK 2009-08-03


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