2000 Charles Shaw Winery Cabernet Sauvignon
WB Rating: 79

Alcohol by volume: 12.5%
Price at time of purchase: $1.99 (Trader Joe's)
Type: Cabernet / Bordeaux
Principal varietal(s): Cabernet Sauvignon

Not as pleasant as the 2000 Merlot, but still drinkable. Not too tannic or rough, but definitely had that "green vegetable" airplane-wine quality to it. Nothing much here to recommend it but the price - AS 2003-01-29


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[decant03  2003-02-24] I found this wine to be very flat. It had an average front end taste, with little to know finish. I was honestly looking forward to drinking this wine due to all the hype I have heard about it. However, I was very disapointed with it. It didn\'t taste much more to me than flavored grape water. There was no body or character. I realized I was drinking an inexpensive wine, but thought there might be more to it than I what I received. I don\'t think I would serve this ever. I couldn\'t even finish my glass. It is almost scary to read all these reviews. How can people give this wine praise?  User Rating: 60.