2000 Charles Shaw Winery Merlot
WB Rating: 81

Alcohol by volume: 12.5%
Price at time of purchase: $1.99 (Trader Joe's)
Type: Merlot
Principal varietal(s): Merlot

This taster expected a marginally drinkable wine at this price, but was pleasantly surprised at the quality. (I am aware that the opinion on the '99 was very poor - I didn't get the opportunity to try it.) The 2000 was alive with fruit and spices and, though overly sweet as many inexpensive wines are, not totally objectionable. Everyone at dinner was impressed. Try this out on someone who has not yet heard of Charles Shaw, if such a person still exists. - AS 2003-01-23


User Comments:
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[haffagallon  2013-02-03] Compared a couple of bottles of 2003 merlot to:Black Swan 2000, Sterling 2000,and Blackstone 2002 and I was hard pressed to notice any difference. WOW!  User Rating: 100.
[bev  2004-03-23] First time trying the Merlot. Was very impressed......hopefully we can find it in Ft. Myers, Florida  User Rating: 100.
[JMark  2003-03-16] Extremely drinkable but is a bit on the sweet side. But for the price (DC area Trader Joes $3.50) it is a good table wine and great for pizza, BBQ or anything casual.  User Rating: 82.