1999 Charles Shaw Winery Cabernet Sauvignon
WB Rating: 80

Alcohol by volume: 12.5%
Price at time of purchase: $1.99 (Trader Joe)
Type: Cabernet / Bordeaux
Principal varietal(s): Cab

This wine was retasted recently after another rash of positive visitors' comments. This is at least the third or fourth time we've tried the wine, and our reactions to it have varied considerably. Our opinion of it was a bit more positive in the most recent tasting, partially because it was tasted with some other inexpensive wines. It certainly compares adequately with many other sub-$12 wines, making it a good price/performance wine for events involving high quantity consumption. But on an absolute scale it is not in the same universe as the Silver Oaks of the world, despite its lofty rating by many visitors. Mark put it well in his original review: "medium body, a bit rough on the edge and lacking character, but no serious flaws." From our recent tasting, we'd add that the wine has some reasonable cherry fruit, a sweet and slightly medicinal feel in the mouth, and an overly sweet finish. But considering the boatloads of this wine available at a rock-bottom price, more power to Trader Joe's and Chas. Shaw. - WB exec team 2002-12-12


User Comments:
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[walker  2013-02-03] Buy only the 99 Cab. Serve as the third bottle after the guests tastes are diminished or serve with crackers and snacks while watching football instead of beer. Also good after a joint. Great bargin. I have 6 cases in 800+ bottle collection of far superior wines. I noticed as weekly bottling dates differ at Tader Joes, the 99 Cab tastes different with each bottling?. Pour into other labelled bottles, as many people know the bargin, and then use as a converastion piece of wine tasting.  User Rating: 80.
[JoyceyO  2013-02-03] We have lots of dinner parties and serve Cab and other Chas. Shaw to many happy guests. We all have cases of the wines, great tastes and great pricing.  User Rating: 85.
[C Werth  2013-02-03] Come on now, how can you complain about a 1.99 bottle of wine? I actually am very good friends with the \"real\" Charles Shaw as well as his family. The real story behind this wine is this. Charles Shaw owned a winery in Napa Valley with a few other investors. Back then the Winery won a lot of medal and I\'ve even seen pictures with the wine at the table with president Regan. Now, His wife wanted to divorce him, so he wanted to make the marriage work. He told her that he would give her more shares to the winery. Well, once that happened she was the major share holder and kicked him out and divorced him. Once that happened, distributors wanted nothing to do with her. She eventually sold the winery. Since then, Chuck has consulte with many wineries in MI,and is trying to open up another winery and a B and B in MI.  User Rating: 75.
[mzsoar  2013-02-03] The Cab is one of the best bargains I\'ve ever seen and I work within the industry. My only issue with the wine is a slight metalic aftertaste.  User Rating: 70.
[CarlaAndDan  2013-02-03] hello friends? it\'s the *!!! HOLIDAYS !!!* Why show up to parties with 2 bottles that no one appreciates, when you can bring a *CASE* for everyone to enjoy?! (LOL) Both whites and reds, *taste* them. At every party we went to this fall, everyone loved these as party/dinner wines. On a 3 day weekend, 5 cases went (large party...). Make sangria, spritzers, mushrooms and gravy, whatever, but I\'m buying cases before they run out... Oh Geeze! I spilled the beans! Please disregard the above comments. Do *not* buy this wine. You deserve better wine than this. (right?)  User Rating: 85.
[pridmore  2007-07-14] I have not tasted this wine but have heard alot about it. Please tell me where the closest place is that i can buy it. San Antonio,Texas  User Rating: .
[Red Hat Queen Mum  2006-07-19] Twenty women of a certain age, members of the La Bella Rouge chapter of the Red Hat Society, met for a pool party, danced in the pool to hits of the 60s, and enjoyed several bottles of a delightful Charles Shaw Sauvignon Blanc. (There were designated drivers.)  User Rating: 90.
[Daddy Putt  2004-06-01] I am a truck driver that loves a good wine. I had seen the reviews on TV, but could not find the wine in Arkansas. Finally went to a Trader Joes this past week and purchased a variety case of 2 buck chucks. I was pleasantly surprised and so was everyone else that tried it. My sister-in-law plans to offer it to her customers in the motel business as a thank you gesture. I do plan to load up more cases on my next trip to California. Excellant taste. My personal best is the Merlot.  User Rating: 95.
[jjmacs@msn.com  2004-04-22] I live in Westport, Wa. near Aberdeen. Right now a friend travels to Seattle to buy your wine. Is it possible to buy it in Aberdeen or Olympia?  User Rating: 90.
[ramjet  2004-04-14] I love the taste, the aroma,the beautiful color. I resist the erge to hord it.  User Rating: 100.
[ramjet  2004-04-14] I love the taste, the aroma,the beautiful color. I resist the erge to hord it.  User Rating: 100.
[Sweden  2004-02-21] Got a few bottle from a US friend and we have never tast so soft and delitlly wine in that kind of price. We took 12 bottle with us home to Sweden and they are gone. Lucky us, a friend bought a car in US and we put some cases in the car. It will soon come to Sweden so we will have this excellent wine for the hole summer when we are driving around with the Pontiac and the Airstreamer, when we are visit our friends around the country and enjouy barbeque. We will drink and enjoy this wonderfull wine.Regards Pontiac Hill/Sweden  User Rating: 85.
[redsuzan  2004-02-12] Amen Sister. The one who said sap-suckers, and that there ought to be more ingenious entreprenuers here in America like this was absolutely and unequivocally right-on correct. I\'ve always thought I was over-paying for even the cheap wines before these $2.00 bottles entered the scene. It is insulting that they could charge so much and I really enjoyed the cheaper one\'s anyway. In my opinion, the more costly wines actually taste far worse. Who were they kidding? Frasier and Niles for starters. Yuck! Riunite is simple and unpretentious and most importantly, I can swallow it without choking or getting the feeling I\'m being embalmed.  User Rating: .
[Bonny  2004-01-11] The company has got the right idea, good product without the greedy sap suckers that charge thousands. Aside from the the awesome proce the taste is wonderful.I Hope they slash the winery industry. There should be more companies like this in America.  User Rating: 95.
[sno2345  2003-08-25] I agree. This wine is very inexpensive and of high quality. It is great for special occasions, such as bridal showers, which is what I purchased it for.  User Rating: 90.
[Tamara  2003-08-16] Hi, I am a liquor store owner in Osawatomie, Ks. We have a customer who has been asking about your wines, and is very much interested in purchasing your wines. Are your wines sold in Kansas, and if so can you tell us your distributors name so we can order your product? Thank you very much for your time. Tamara Tamara_Maichel@hotmail.com  User Rating: .
[lynkaylee  2003-06-11] I live in Waterloo, Iowa and would like to know where to buy this wine. thanks  User Rating: .
[pattio7  2003-06-10] As a former person involved in the owning of a restautant (in other words...the restaurant was owned by my mother\'s family)and involved in the business from \"head to toe\", I think I know my wines AND my food! When I tasted Charles Shaw vino which I had never before tasted, I simply loved it! Before I found out the nickname for Charles Shaw vino is \"3 buck Chuck\" I found it to be quite delicious! AFTER I found out that the nickname for this wine is \"3 buck Chuck\", I was dumbfounded as it is simply a very nice wine! Unbelievable! Very enjoyable. So do not listen to those who portray themselves as \"wine conniesuers (sorry, did I butcher that spelling?). As the old saying goes..\"taste is all in the mouth\". Charles Shaw wines are quite delicious! Not to worry about those who thrive on \"pretentious\"!  User Rating: 95.
[centor  2003-06-08] I live in the Bend, Oregon area. Where can I buy your wine?  User Rating: .
[stfreak  2003-06-07] What a great wine for $1.99. And the urban myths going around about this wine make for some fun converstaion at parties over a glass.  User Rating: 70.
[yuppywino  2003-06-06] This is box wine served from a bottle. Although it\'s hard to knock a wine that costs .50 a glass.  User Rating: 70.
[meng  2003-05-25] where can we buy your wine here in st louis? or, can we buy a couple of cases directly from you? jim meng  User Rating: .
[SEIDILADY  2003-05-15] We purchased this wine for my recent wedding, and it was a great wine to serve for so many people! Great value and not a bad wine for a crowd that are not wine critics!  User Rating: 80.
[olivia  2003-04-20] I rate this a 70 mainly because of the fact that there is so much discusion on this product. If it was for taste alone I would give it a 60.  User Rating: 70.
[dchairez  2003-04-15] I felt a bit leary about this wine, my wife heard about it at work and bought a case of the Merlot and the Cab. Compared to other Napa cellered wines and Central Valley vineyards(where the grapes come from)it is a good table wine for everyday use. Although, I do not recommend for cooking uses, tried in a sauce and was not happy. Enjoy  User Rating: 75.
[bilko  2003-03-06] a true bargain equal to most $10.00 wines  User Rating: .
[ASK JIMMY  2003-03-02] I am from Portland OR. We pay $3.00 for 2-buck chuck and I think it\'s A great VALUE! i go to TJ\'s ever y friggin weekend for this! Nancy in PDX can attest to this wine forever!  User Rating: 100.
[Itstay  2003-02-25] Glut of grapes in CA - the only way to make any money is a cheep, tasty bottle of two buck chuck. I keep at least a case on hand for guest that do not know any better.  User Rating: 80.
[bward  2003-02-15] Charles Shaw buys surplus wine from all over California, truks it in to his winery and artfully blends a classic spaghetti/pizza night wine. This wine has got wine shops all over the place trying to come up with their own version of \"Two Buck Chuck.\" I think TJs is very lucky to have stumbled on to this find. This is the beginning of a new trend in the wine business. Consumers are no longer willing to pay premium prices for ordinary wine. They expect great wine at unbelieveable prices. Retailers that buy into this will flurish. Those who don\'t will fold or become proficient at dusting the bottles on their shelves.  User Rating: 80.
[joan  2003-02-13] It diffently compares to more expensive wine that we have had. The price is great. have bought several cases to keep on hand.  User Rating: 90.
[kathyj  2003-02-10] I also like to have a glass of wine in the evening. And don\'t always have the budget for the wines I prefer to drink. This is a good, reliable bottle and makes an EXCELLENT value for the price. I tend to get immediate headaches from poor wine regardless of price, and this one doesn\'t do that to me. We do prefer the Cab to the Merlot. The Merlot needs some time.  User Rating: 85.
[schoolyards  2003-02-06] I am not an expert in wine tasting, however I am an expert in what I like. This wine is not as bad as some reviews above. It is what it is, a decent wine for the price. Drink it for its intended occasion! A VW Bug is a great car, just not for the opera!  User Rating: 80.
[wildww  2003-01-30] I was first served in in a blind test on a 110\' yacht and thought it was great. Now drink it frequently. I find the Chard. even better.  User Rating: 90.
[MelkMan  2003-01-24] I am a Trader Joes employee as well as some other reviewers, and i have the real story about this wine. Basically there is a winery that TJs has been doing business with since day one. In 1999 there was a surplus of grape, so this winery bought all the excess and turned it into wine for trader joes to sell at a low price. This being the reason that TJs is the only place you can get it. So as long as it continues to stay at the quality it is, then we will continue to sell it, and as soon as quality drops TJS drops Chuck.  User Rating: 80.
[rollergirl  2003-01-20] being a wine snob, i never drink anything less than $20 a bottle. but, my husband tricked me! so, then next day, i went to trader joes and bought a case of this crap :) not bad for $1.99 is it?  User Rating: 80.
[MrOvernighter  2003-01-19] Have served this to friends at our house with groups as large as 60 people. The Merlot, Cab.. and Chardonnay were all enjoyed. Not until after did I tell them what it was and its cost. Ill bet half of them were at Trader Joes the next day.  User Rating: 90.
[MeloStyle  2003-01-15] So it\'s a $1.99, sold by good old reputable TJs and you want to know if it\'s worthy of your taste buds - boy things really are getting tight all over! Well after bravely gambling my two bucks, I can honestly say the answer for me is yes. Enjoy it as you would any other *good* $8 to $15 bottle of red. Is it a hostess present - yes if just for the opportunity to brag on one California wine merchandiser that, I feel, is ahead of the coming pricing trend. For the facts behind the rumor fiction regarding the sale price, seller, etc. see the story online at www.winespectator.com titled \"Unfiltered, Unfined: A Tale of Two Wine Deals\". Enjoy!  User Rating: 82.
[azwino  2003-01-14] This is a very drinkable cab for the price. I have not tried anything other than the 99\'. This is VERY fruity for a cab and not so dry. Several people mentioned that this is kind of sweet with a sweet aftertaste and I agree. If your a glass or two a day kind of person, then this is probably up your alley. However at a dinner party, this would definitely be a third bottle wine. I would much rather start with a couple of bottles of Chateau Ste. Michelle 99\' Cab for $10.00 and then move on. Your guests would be more pleased as well. I also bought the 01\' Merlot. This was very sweet with no real body. I would not recommend the Merlot. If you are a regular red wine drinker, you\'ll know what I mean when you try it.  User Rating: 79.
[monkuboy  2003-01-13] Tried the 1999 cabernet last week. Initially very smooth with lots of cherry fruit in the bouquet and palate. Finish is very sweet, but after awhile it has an alcoholic harshness. For $2.00 this is a great value - certainly keeps up with anything under $10.00. Anything over $10.00 is not five times as good, either!  User Rating: 80.
[n  2003-01-12] I know for a fact that there are no specific \" batches \" to buy. All of the wine is generally all blended with the same wine each time. There are no differences in batches. Take it from one that has close ties to Bronco.....see ya at TJ\'s  User Rating: 100.
[josekw  2003-01-10]   User Rating: 80.
[Kenneth  2003-01-08] This wine is proof that wine does not be expensive to be good. It blows away(value) all those 8.99 bottles of overpriced wine.  User Rating: 90.
[johnnyp  2003-01-06] Terry 859 - as far as I know, most retailers cannot ship wines over state lines as it is illegal. The only way to be sure to get wine sipped is by having a friend do it, and I don\'t think USPS will ship, so you have to use UPS or FedEX. I am not sure what the shipping costs would be, but, packaging and shipping will most likely bump the \'price\' you are paying considerably, possibly up a dollar or two a bottle. If it is really worth it to you, ask your friend in Palm Springs to send it to you. If you were vacationing PS and don\'t have any friends to ship to you, then you\'ll have to find another way...  User Rating: 80.
[TraderJoes  2003-01-02] Well after seeing first hand how much of this wine we sell...I mean pallets...420 cases of each in a day...hmmm @ $23.88 a case...thats a lot...and not for a bad bottle of everyday drinking table wine....what a bargain...who cares if it isn\'t a Chateaunuef du Pape.....what do you expect its $1.99.....TJ\'s #66  User Rating: 60.
[beppo  2003-01-02] Great wine for the price especially after ten cases.  User Rating: 85.
[samstoy  2003-01-02] I was given a bottle as a Christmas gift and was blown away by how soft and smooth it was. It isn\'t real bold, but full of character and easy on the pallet. Excellent!  User Rating: 85.
[Dana Hume  2003-01-01] Fruity, a bit sweet for a cab, but very drinkable for $1.99! Not at all bad, I\'ve paid more for worse. Good for just every-day type of wine drinking, because at this time I cannot afford the expensive stuff, only on special occasions. I will be buying a case of the cab (2002 is all I could find) and maybe even put some away for later, see how it ages. Worth every penny of the $1.99! I hope this starts a price war!!!  User Rating: 80.
[terry859  2003-01-01] Recently visited Palm Springs where I had the pleaure of drinking this wine. Very nice, incredible price! Problem for me: I live in Georgia and can\'t find it here. How can I get a case or two shipped to me?  User Rating: 90.
[yvierra  2002-12-31] I am not a regular wine drinker at all. In fact, I usually find the taste of alcoholic drinks bitter. We opened a bottle of Charles Shaw Cabernet Sauvignon wine from Trader Joe\'s on Christmas (2002). It had a smooth taste, it wasn\'t bitter, and it didn\'t have an alcoholic after-taste. It was excellent. I drank my whole glass and didn\'t wake up to regret it!  User Rating: 100.
[Bob Noonan  2002-12-31] Bob showed up with this wine at my house and told me it was given to him as gift. Bob Noonan says Thank You Trader Joe\'s for not taking advantage of people, you could have certainly jacked up the price but you did\'nt. Palua wants to know how you\'re making a profit. Everyone here loves it.  User Rating: 85.
[flytyer  2002-12-28] This is a good wine. I, my wife, and my relatives all like it, and that\'s all that counts. Just bought my 6th case of cab and merlot and it will last me a long time. Sure beats the $6-10 bottles of wine that left a bad taste!  User Rating: 90.
[johnny P  2002-12-27] No, not a great wine. But it is a perfect wine for everyday consumption. Hell, most of my friends couldn\'t tell me the difference between Chateau Margaux and Charles Shaw, so why would I serve them anything other than CS? And for two bucks a pop, c\'mon! For all of those wine critics and snobs; if you are so lofty, what are you doing at Trader Joe\'s? \'Fess up, you know you are going there for bang for the buck... and CS is just that - it\'s cheaper than Budweiser on sale at Albertson\'s!!!  User Rating: 80.
[Alex  2002-12-27] Of course it is not the best I have tryed, but to enjoy the good taste of wine every day comes out at the end of the month about $500 sometimes you can buy for $25 bottle and get disapontment of it. This wine bits all wines arround 15 dollars and some more then 25 and 35 dollars per bottle  User Rating: 85.
[Danny  2002-12-24] It sure beats out the jugs of Carlo Rossi and bags of Franzia I usually drink. Let\'s be serious, this special rocks.  User Rating: 100.
[mikjr  2002-12-24] I\'m sitting here as I write this with a glass of the 1999 Charles Shaw Cabernet... It\'s hard to believe all the critical reviews on this site for a great tasting, and great priced bottle of wine. I think they\'re just jealous that they had to pay $15.00 or more for the same quality!! Wake up folks, price doesn\'t mean quality!  User Rating: 90.
[Papageno  2002-12-23] I just bought two cases of \"Two Buck Chuck\" from Trader Joe\'s, but I haven\'t cracked a bottle yet. They were out of the 1999 press, so I got the 2000. Since I never open a bottle of Cab that isn\'t at least three years old, I\'ll have to wait \'till next week to check it out. Drats! ;)  User Rating: .
[cracker  2002-12-23] Best wine i can ever remember buying at 10x the price, but hey please don\'t buy any more til i get a few more cases stockpiled  User Rating: 95.
[Horizons  2002-12-20] I had to check the Charles Shaw wines out just to see what all the fuss was about. I tasted the Chard, SauvBlanc, Merlot, and Cab. The whites were a little too sweet for my tastes and the Merlot had a distict flavor that was not my cup of tea. VERY bold. But the Cab is the star of the Charles Shaw show. I would say it stands up to most $7 wines easy. It is not quite as good as the Fetzer Eagle Peak Merlot at $7 (my red benchmark).It DOES NOT taste like a $2 wine or jug wine. Buy all you can of the Cab. This really is a steal. After buying one bottle to taste, I ran back to Trader Joes and bought two cases (24 bottles) for a grand total of $48.  User Rating: 82.
[yi  2002-12-20] Check this out. They want $25 for the Charles Shaw Merlot (1998): http://www.colonelbullock.com/wine.asp  User Rating: 80.
[bigdog69  2002-12-18] At first I thought, \"Great!! My wine buget is going to go way down!\", but now I realize that my alcohol consumption has gone way up.  User Rating: 80.
[cookitup  2002-12-17] Being a chef who loves wine I must say for the $ this wine will out do most $15-$20 bottles.This wine will mature and grow.  User Rating: 75.
[fresno native  2002-12-16] This wine is really good after smoking a bowl load of green bud,eating some sliced cheese with crackers.Reminds me of gallo wine,volume for the price!  User Rating: 100.
[westex  2002-12-16] the price is right, but the taste reminds me a lot of a jug wine. can not recommend this one.  User Rating: 65.
[intensmile  2002-12-14] I just wanted to back up what tjguy said. I am also a Trader Joe\'s employee and am confirming that all of the stories behind this wine are rumors. There was no divorce, no winery bankruptcy and it has nothing to do with any airline. When it comes down to it, it is a great wine for $1.99. No matter what the story is.  User Rating: 75.
[aalbarran  2002-12-14] easily compares to cabs in the $20 range -see LA Times Article Dec 01, 02.  User Rating: 80.
[Ernie T  2002-12-12] I had the cab and the merlot. I bought two cases of merlot before tasting it and wish I hadn\'t. The merlot tastes sweet to me. Glad others are enjoying the wine, which is attractively priced.  User Rating: 70.
[AAFlightAttendant  2002-12-11] As a AA flight Attendant, I can tell you the cork screw story is not true....we serve corked wines in 1st class everyday. And as a seasoned wine taster, I can tell you that the Cab is very decent and a great bargain. I served it at a blind tasting among some wine snobs and got very good reviews.  User Rating: 80.
[hdsisako  2002-12-11] Great wine, Great price. May give you a hearache, for all those $40, $50... bottles laying in the cellar and not tasting as good as this.  User Rating: 90.
[Rick Schreiner  2002-12-10] Listen, You have seen all the other reviews,There pros and cons!!What really matters is that you like it for yourself,and the only way is to taste it.In my opinion for the price(1.99),It rates up there in the 20.00 bottle Range.So what are you waiting for?At this value, it wont be there long!  User Rating: 80.
[monkuboy  2002-12-09] It is obvious from reading all the reviews that there\'s a wide range of opinions. For $1.99, I think everyone should just go buy a bottle and see for themselves. That\'s what I did today and I haven\'t tried it yet.  User Rating: .
[Guy  2002-12-09] It was Great. And my several friends of mine agreed before they new the price. I thought for $2 it was another Boones Farm but i was wrong. But someone suggested it and I bought a bottle home and tried it and then went back to TJs to get a case and a half. There was no aftertaste that I could discern.  User Rating: 87.
[Tim Wong  2002-12-08] I first heard about the Charles Shaw Cab. from a friend. He had told me about this 1.99 wine at Trader Joe\'s and how he and other friends of his thought it was pretty good. I am no stranger to good wines at the time I had just opened a 2nd. bottle of Hess Collection 97\' Cabernet. Soon after I bought a bottle of the Charles Shaw Cab. and I think espescially for the price it\'s ok in my book  User Rating: 82.
[tjguy  2002-12-07] OK, here\'s the deal (from me, a TJ employee)...all the stuff about airlines, corkscrews and divorces is about as believable as the guy that said that CS Cab goes for $35/bottle in Napa. The juice for CS wines comes predominately from Lodi, there\'s a glut of decent cheap wine on the market right now, and we will be selling \"two buck Chuck\" for the forseeable future, as long as the parent company can bottle it as fast as all of you are buying it!!  User Rating: 65.
[felipeandkeith  2002-12-06] not bad at all. maybe all of you giving it a bad review have not had a good bottle. I spend 30-60 dollars a bottle when I feel like it and I can tell you that CS wine are pretty tasteful. The Merlot is not HORRID, be real!!! Excellent wine for the price, Much better than others in the same region...  User Rating: 85.
[gorillagulps  2002-12-05] It is a strange thing... I\'ve had some wonderful bottles of Merlot, and one that was not so enjoyable. Perhaps this is the true reason for the price. I\'m on my third case though, and have only had one bad bottle. Keep\'em coming Chaz!  User Rating: 80.
[AJ  2002-12-04] Of course this is a good wine for the money. Its $2.00. This is not a good wine however. Its underdeveloped and finishes poorly. Good 3rd bottle as somone else suggested. Just don\'t hype it to be anything other than a so-so bargain wine.  User Rating: 60.
[boots  2002-12-02] best value i\'ve had in years. very pleasant and drinkable, the more, the better. and even better after leaving it uncorked for 3-4 hours.  User Rating: 80.
[Joellyn  2002-12-02] I\'m rating this wine a little on the high side because I think it has potential. Keep it around for awhile and it will probably mellow out. I agree with the comments about it being a little rough around the edges, but it still has good body. I haven\'t noticed any aftertaste. I think it\'s a bargain at that price.  User Rating: 80.
[Brodie  2002-12-01] For $1.99, you can not go wrong. I have had worst and have paid 10 times this price. TJ can\'t keep it in stock here, so I think that says it all.  User Rating: 85.
[jlloutey  2002-11-30] Clearly, the most recommendable quality of this wine is the price. It is quite true that the taste exceeds many 10-15 dollar wines, but this says more anout the generally poor value of mid priced wines. The 99CS Cab is truely a great value.  User Rating: 75.
[patades  2002-11-29] I haven\'t tasted the Cab, but I had the Merlot last evening and found it to be excellent. I just bought 5 cases of the various CS wines for the holidays. Someone at Trader Joe\'s bought a case and said that in Napa, each bottle was going for $35.  User Rating: .
[starclass  2002-11-27] sprytnyjanek should research before he comments,This wine is not from China, it was bought from American Airlines,AA bought 250,000 bottles and cannot serve it on the flights because of the new corkscrew law. The whole story is written in front of the wine at Trader Joes.  User Rating: 84.
[sprytnyjanek  2002-11-16] see my china comment under the chardonay  User Rating: 80.
[JohnieB  2002-11-16] I think most the comments concerning the \"horrid\" taste comes from people who \"think\" they know wine and can\'t imagine a very good wine costing $1.99. It\'s just too easy to bash a $2 bottle of wine. Well..let me tell you, my friend and I both drink wine normally ranging in cost from $5 - $30. This wine easily beat some of those. I\'d probably pay $8 or $9 for this bottle, so at $2 a bottle....all I have to say is B-U-Y and enjoy.  User Rating: 83.
[kathrynhe  2002-11-15] Really good tasting wine. Unbelievable price. Stock up for those winter nights in front of the fire.  User Rating: 85.
[karen  2002-11-13]   User Rating: .
[mark  2002-11-13] Hey guys: We appreciate all the vigorous comments and discussion here. However, PLEASE, <b>no name calling or insults</b>. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Be civil.  User Rating: .
[rksimonds  2002-11-13] This wine (the Chard and and the Cab) easily beats bottles anywhere from 10-70 dollars in value - the 1.99 just screams to those who think that they are experts they must bash it - probably because their insecure cellars are full of expensive CRAP.  User Rating: 80.
[camustang  2002-11-11] GREAT value for the money...I\'m one of the \"idiots\" lugging out bottles by the case from Trader Joe\'s. I enjoy having some wine each night after dinner...sure is a LOT more affordable than spending $10-$25 a pop! Although I would have to agree...the Merlot is horrid...but I drink the Cab  User Rating: 86.
[jjerky22  2002-11-08] Not the best wine I\'ve ever had, but at $1.99, who cares, it beats most $10 wines on the market.  User Rating: 90.
[chupawine  2002-11-06] The merlot was horrid...  User Rating: .
[RODIFER  2002-11-03] Price vs. Quality. I liked this wine very much. It\'s probably true about the divorce and the next time you order a Cab. look at the bottle because the resturant will be charging $7.00 per glass  User Rating: 86.
[paulk  2002-11-03] If you\'re a cynic who thinks that good wine has to cost an arm and a leg, skip this one. If not, grab a bottle. You\'ll be back for more!  User Rating: 85.
[silnth  2002-08-22] Chard and Merlot excellent values. Greates selling brand in Trader Joe history. Customers lugging cases out by the ton.  User Rating: 85.
[Fred  2002-08-21] Anybody who has a problem with this wine is an idiot. This is very good wine for the price. Please don't listen to the above morons who discredit this wine. Also, I heard he's getting a divorce and is reducing his assets by selling off his stock of wine. Any truth to that?  User Rating: 80.
[prn  2002-08-07] For the price, I rate this wine very high. It is a wine you serve after your guests have drank enough to saturate their taste buds so that they no longer distinguish the differnce between Ridge and Charles Shaw.  User Rating: 75.
[ted lamb  2002-07-22] not bad for the price. i might serve it as the thrid bottle of the evening, and tell the airline story. no one cares at that point, anyway. not that anyone would ever listen to me. no one ever cares what i say.  User Rating: 75.
[Bird  2002-07-20] This is an awesome value, don't let the price scare you into thinking it's not good. In a blind tasting against some of Napa's best, this wine "fooled" some very discernind palates!  User Rating: 80.
[mark  2002-07-16] Yes, they have a Chard, which was recently reviewed. <a href=../rev/CharlesShaw00Chard>CharlesShaw00Chard</a>  User Rating: .
[pkhoury  2002-07-16] For $1.99, it's not too bad, but I did notice an aftertaste also. I've tried their Merlot, which seemed slightly less desireable. I've noticed that even going up to $2.99 at Trader Joes yields a much higher quality wine, but for the price, it makes a good general table wine (so I can keep stuff like Clos Du Buois for special occasions). Does anyone know if Chrles Shaw makes a chardonnay (that Trader Joe's sells)?  User Rating: 70.
[Don Martin  2002-06-05] I find this wine an excellent value. The story is that this wine was made for the airlines and they can no longer use cork screws. Maybe previous reviewr got a bad bottle. The first Cab I opened had a lingering aftertaste that was not all tha desirable. All the other bottles were good.  User Rating: 80.
[harriss  2002-05-29] To me, borderline undrinkable. Life is just too short to be drinking wines like this. As Mark suggests, stick with the good stuff. One can do better dropping $1.99 on a bottle of imported beer than on a bottle of this wine.  User Rating: 70.