1986 Chateau Climens Sauternes-Barsac
Barsac, France
WB Rating: 92

Alcohol by volume: 14.0%
Price at time of purchase: $0.00 (Library wine)
Type: Sauternes
Principal varietal(s): Sauternes blend

Decadently delicious aged Barsac. Possessing a beautiful medium amber color, this profound wine has transcended the easy fruitiness of youth and evolved into a tremendously rich and complex classic. Intense honeyed Botrytis up front along with sensationally rich pineapple, apricot, liquified almonds, and a melange of other tropical fruits and spices. Perfect acid balance keeps this wine from being remotely cloying. This is a deep, weighty, complex, majestic dessert wine. - HK, GK 2006-06-15


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