2000 EOS Estate Winery Zinfandel Estate
Paso Robles, California
WB Rating: 88

Alcohol by volume: 15.0%
Price at time of purchase: $13.00 (Beverages and More)
Type: Zinfandel
Principal varietal(s): Zinfandel

Terrific Zin bargain. While higher in alcohol than the '99, the 2000 EOS Zin is still an extremely soft, flavorful, approachable wine for delicious drinking over the next year or so. The nose is a caressing blend of loganberries, cherries, plums, and spicy oak. The balanced flavors add an intriguing spicy/herbal undercurrent to the dominant soft berry fruit. There is no hint of hotness despite the high alcohol level. Not especially complex or big, but great for near-term pleasure. - WB team 2003-01-22


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[bonnie  2003-01-29] I Love this Zin! EOS is the vineyards that turned me into a Zin lover a couple years ago. Now I\'m hooked on Zinfandels, and this is the best one for this price ( I pay $11.99 - $12.99)  User Rating: 88.