2007 Edmeades Zinfandel Zeni Vineyard
Mendocino Ridge, Mendocino County, California
WB Rating: 89

Alcohol by volume: 16.7%
Price at time of purchase: $31.00 (winery)
Type: Zinfandel
Principal varietal(s): Zinfandel

This is a huge yet pleasure-filled Zinfandel from a high-altitude old-vine vineyard on the Mendocino Ridge. Liqueur-like density of black raspberry and red currant fruit with complex nuances of earth, chocolate, and espresso. Super-high alcohol content, but the fruit density to nearly balance it out. I still find some of the Edmeades single-vineayards marginally hot in the mouth, but love their intensity and uniqueness. This wine hovers near being over-the-top, but successfully avoids that pitfall because of its richness and balance. A percent less alcohol would probably yield 1 - 2 more rating points. - HK 2013-01-20


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