1963 Fonseca Vintage Port
WB Rating: 95

Alcohol by volume: 19.9%
Price at time of purchase: $0.00 (library wine)
Type: Port
Principal varietal(s): Port

I don't pretend to understand Port labeling, and this one - bottled by Whitwham & Co. in England - doesn't have the Fonseca label that I'm most familiar with. But it is an absolute gem. Pulled from deep in the bowels of one of our friend's cellars and shared generously with us, it was sensational - certainly the best port I've ever tasted. Its 46 year age was barely evident, as the color was still deep purple (though with some transparency) and the freshness, depth, and liveliness of the flavors mind-boggling. Beautifully structured and balanced, with inspiring, complex aromas and flavors of plum, prune, chocolate, fruitcake, espresso coffee, and subtle sweet herbs. Nearly perfect feel in the mouth - not dusty, not tannic, not "old" - just rich, ripe, mouth-coating and seamless, and with a finish that went on and on. We tasted it with both chocolate and cheese, and it was near-perfection with both. Silky yet exceptionally full and satisfying. - HK 2009-08-12


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