2019 Goodfellow Family Cellars Chardonnay Richard's CuvĂ©e, Whistling Ridge
Ribbon Ridge, Willamette Valley, Oregon
WB Rating: 92

Alcohol by volume: 11.8%
Price at time of purchase: $55.00 (Winery)
Type: Chardonnay
Principal varietal(s): Chardonnay

Has more depth and richness compared to the other Goodfellow 2019 Chardonnays I've tasted. Penetrating aromas and flavors of stone fruit, cream, caramel, with a bright floral ledge. Mouth-filling, with tinging acidity. Shows what can be done by a brilliant winemaker, even with grapes yielding just 11.8% alcohol. - HK 2023-08-25


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