2001 Hartford Court Chardonnay Three Jacks Vineyard
Russian River, Sonoma, California
WB Rating: 92

Alcohol by volume: 14.1%
Price at time of purchase: $30.00 (from winery)
Type: Chardonnay
Principal varietal(s): Chardonnay

One of the best Chardonnays I've tasted in the past few years, this wine overflows with character and flavor. Rich and buttery, with good viscosity, yet impeccably balanced and pure. Lots of spice accompanies the citrus oil and creamy peach flavors. Remarkably long and satisfying finish. This wine belongs to the premium Hartford Court line of the Hartford Family Wines. It's one of the less expensive of their upper-echelon collection, and it's worth every penny. - HK 2004-07-02


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