2013 Hartford Court Pinot Noir Muldune Trail
Anderson Valley, Mendocino, California
WB Rating: 94

Alcohol by volume: 14.5%
Price at time of purchase: $65.00 (from winery)
Type: Pinot Noir / Burgundy
Principal varietal(s): Pinot Noir

Wow - this is one hugely concentrated, not to mention hugely delicious, Pinot Noir. From a vineyard high above the Anderson Valley, this Pinot is overflowing with deep, dark Pinot fruit and intense spiciness. A melange of berry flavors, especially raspberry and blueberry, cascades over the palate, and the wine just seems to get deeper and more complex the longer it sits in the glass. I'd rate this wine only barely behind the outstanding Arrendell Vineyard bottling from this winery, which remains one of the best Pinot Noirs I have ever tasted. - HK 2018-07-13


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