1997 I Pastini Primativo
WB Rating: 86

Alcohol by volume: 14.0%
Price at time of purchase: $11.00 (Current release)
Type: Zinfandel
Principal varietal(s): 100% Primativo

The Italian near-equivalent of Zinfandel, and close enough in character and flavor to be categorized as one. Tasted with several other Zinfandels, and in no way required a different calibration curve. Dark ruby purple colored. Full bodied, fairly alcoholic but not overbearing in this regard, firmer in feel than some of the plumper Zins. Zin-like flavors and sweet-fruit mouth feel. Aromas and flavors of dark cherries, cherry liqueur, and herbs. Significant tannins, but rounded -- one taster called the tannins "liquid" in nature, as opposed to dry or astringent. Outstanding buy, competes nicely with Zinfandels costing considerably more. - WB Team 2000-08-09


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