2014 Landmark Chardonnay Damaris Reserve
Sonoma Coast, California
WB Rating: 90

Alcohol by volume: 14.3%
Price at time of purchase: $35.00 (winery)
Type: Chardonnay
Principal varietal(s): Chardonnay

This is a terrific wine and a great value year after year. In most years, I like this blend every bit as much as any of the excellent but higher-priced Landmark single-vineyard Chardonnays. The 2014 is beautifully balanced, rich, long, and full of life. Flavors range from honeyed citrus to green apple to tropical from sip to sip. Bracing acidity keeps the wine refreshing and crisp. Clean and bright from start to finish. Excellently priced for this quality. - HK 2017-01-15


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