1982 Chateau Lynch Bages 
Pauillac, Bordeaux, France
WB Rating: 94

Alcohol by volume: 12.0%
Price at time of purchase: $0.00 (Library wine)
Type: Cabernet / Bordeaux
Principal varietal(s): Bordeaux blend

Tasting of 5/1/2001.... Profound Bordeaux. Classic red/ruby color. Powerful but seductive aromas of cedar, smoke, and cassis coat the nose. Perfect balance in the mouth, where raspberries, red currants, and dark cherry combine with the cedar to make a complex, perfectly balanced mix. What a mistake not to have purchased a few more cases of this when it was under $12 per bottle! This wine is at its peak of perfection and will be there for years. Rating: 94. - HK, GK 2001-05-01


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[HK and GK  2013-02-03] Tasting of 12/26/2005.... Still silky smooth and elegant, but this bottle was definitely showing its age. Amber around the edges, without the tannic structure to hold the components together. Cedar and smoke in the nose, but no identifiable fruit. Drinkable, but don't expect a religious experience. Rating: 88.  User Rating: 88.
[HK and GK  2013-02-03] Tasting of of 1/9/08.... Seemed more assertive and youthful than 2005 tasting. Lots of currant and berry fruit along with classic cedar nuances and a touch of tomato in the background. Good depth and length for a wine of this age, without the dried-out feel of the 2005 tasting. Rating: 91.  User Rating: 91.
[HK and GK  2013-02-03] Tasting of 1/3/2010.... Delicious and not at all dried-out, though at this point soft and open, without a lot of structure. Lots of cedar, herb, and coffee notes along with a subtle core of berry fruit. Not surprisingly, no longer has the the depth or length it did 10 years ago, but certainly a delight to drink. Rating: 89.  User Rating: 89.
[HK and GK  2013-02-03] This wine was retasted earlier this month (Dec. 2012) and was fabulously good - fresh, structured, full-bodied. The descriptors of the original 2001 tasting are still appropriate, and the wine is now 30 years old! Unbelievable performance.  User Rating: 93.