2005 Frederick Magnien Meursault Charmes
Meursault 1er Cru, Burgundy, France
WB Rating: 83

Alcohol by volume: 13.0%
Price at time of purchase: $24.58 (North Berkeley Wines)
Type: Chardonnay
Principal varietal(s): Chardonnay

A pleasant but disappointingly insipid Meursault. Has a nice, if restrained, nose of ripe peaches, citrus, roasted nuts, and straw, with flavors following the same profile. Very little oaky spiciness in evidence. Crisp texture, though thin in the mouth. This wine doesn't have the length, depth, or complexity to be remotely memorable. It's nice to be able to taste an affordable Premier Cru Burgundy from a good year (made possible only through a special sale at North Berkeley), but there are a myriad of Chardonnays at this price point or lower - French, American, Aussie, etc. - that pack a lot more interest than this one. Overpriced at $25, it would be nuts to pay the full retail price of $45 - $60 for this one. - HK 2009-03-22


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