2006 Martinelli Pinot Noir Zio Tony Ranch
Russian River, Sonoma, California
WB Rating: 92

Alcohol by volume: 15.6%
Price at time of purchase: $60.00 (Winery)
Type: Pinot Noir / Burgundy
Principal varietal(s):

Like a lot of other Martinelli reds, the alcohol level here gives me pause. There's not much question that this wine is not a Burgundy! But it is so extracted and rich that it's hard to penalize it much for its exuberance. At this early age, the wine is still fairly tight, but its richness and concentration make it pleasurable even now. Youthful and slow to open up, but concentrated and long, with complex aromas and flavors of black cherry, spice, vanilla, pine resin, and cola. Super-rich texture not unlike kirsch liqueur. Long, pure finish. Except for the slight hotness from the alcohol, I'd rate this wine even higher. - HK 2008-06-08


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