2004 Mauritson Zinfandel Growers Reserve
Dry Creek, Sonoma, California
WB Rating: 88

Alcohol by volume: 15.5%
Price at time of purchase: $33.00 (winery)
Type: Zinfandel
Principal varietal(s): Zinfandel

I think this is one of the few non-estate Mauritson wines, and one of the few Mauritson Zinfandels not from Rockpile. It is advertised as a "Zinfandel made like a Cabernet," and in fact has a good dose of Cabernet structure and character. When initially opened, the aromas were of fairly forward ripe plums and vanilla, but with airing the fruit became darker and more subtle, suggesting candied figs, dried cherries, and earthy blackberries. It is obviously a very well made wine, and given its tannic structure it will probably age well. But in general I think I'd prefer a Zin to be "made like a Zin," focusing on the fruit intensity that makes Zinfandels so enjoyable, as opposed to the aging potential. It's just a matter of taste, and I may be wrong, but I'd be surprised to find this wine providing any more taste pleasure in 6 years than it does in the next 2. - HK 2007-11-27


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