2005 Old World Winery Pinot Noir Laughlin Vineyard
Russian River, Sonoma, California
WB Rating: 88

Alcohol by volume: 12.9%
Price at time of purchase: $25.00 (from winery)
Type: Pinot Noir / Burgundy
Principal varietal(s): Pinot Noir

The 2005 Laughlin Pinot Noir is a delicious wine, even though it lacks the depth and layered fruit density (as well as about 2% alcohol) of the superb 2004, which came from a warmer and riper year. Looks and tastes uncannily like a fully mature five or six year old Pinot Noir. Fragrant, forward, attractive jammy strawberry aromas along with resinous, sweet herb, and floral components. The dominant strawberry note is there in the flavors along with a subtle, complex combination of cherry, spice, and cola that reminded one of us vaguely of Dr. Pepper. The earthy feel and soft tannic structure, again, feel like an aged Pinot Noir. This tasty wine is completely drinkable now, and we'd opt to drink it while young. - WB exec team 2008-01-23


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