2014 Pezzi King Zinfandel Reserve Row 26
Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma, California
WB Rating: 92

Alcohol by volume: 16.5%
Price at time of purchase: $65.00 (winery)
Type: Zinfandel
Principal varietal(s): Zinfandel

If the label says "Pezzi King Row xx" on it, you're in for a sensational Zinfandel. The 2014 Row 26 has 16.2% alcohol, but you would never know it when drinking it. There is no particular feeling of heat: the deep,rich, dark berry flavors and spice overpower the alcohol completely. Remarkably refined and balanced and long at this young age. Powerful but not raisiny or over-ripe. Superb. And unfortunately pricey. - HK 2017-01-26


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