2003 Ridge Vineyards Zinfandel Dusi Ranch, Late Picked
Paso Robles, California
WB Rating: 89

Alcohol by volume: 15.6%
Price at time of purchase: $30.00 (gift)
Type: Zinfandel
Principal varietal(s): 100% Zinfandel

I'm not a big fan of late-harvest Zinfandels, but I have to say that I've had a number of these late-picked Zins from Ridge (all due to the generosity of our good friend B. Perkins) which have been absolutely excellent. These are not so overloaded with sugar as to be heavy or clumsy, though at the same time they're slightly too sweet to serve with a regular meal. With chocolate, though, they are a delight. The 2003 Dusi Late-Picked is loaded with almost liqueur-like plum, dark cherry, and prune fruit, as well as spicy oak nuances. At age 9 it's silky and smooth, but fresh and not remotely over the hill. I still prefer the regular Ridge Zins, but this one is hard to resist. [Price estimated.] - HK 2012-01-31


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