1988 Ridge Vineyards Zinfandel Jimsomare Late Picked
Santa Cruz Mountains, California
WB Rating: 88

Alcohol by volume: 14.9%
Price at time of purchase: $0.00 (Library wine)
Type: Zinfandel
Principal varietal(s): 97% Zinfandel, 3% Petite Sirah

A stunningly good wine for its age. Still fruit driven, extremely well balanced. Delicious ripe red currants, dark cherries, strawberries, rich tobacco, and cassis all contribute to a complex aromatic impressions. Rich and slightly sweet (though not unpleasantly so) in the mouth. Stood up excellently to barbecued pork. We've never been particularly fond of late-picked Zin, but this one was top-notch. - HK 2003-05-12


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