2008 Rochioli Sauvignon Blanc
Russian River, Sonoma, California
WB Rating: 89

Alcohol by volume: 14.5%
Price at time of purchase: $26.00 (from winery)
Type: Sauvignon Blanc
Principal varietal(s): Sauvignon Blanc

Another in an unending line of excellent Rochioli Sauvignon Blancs, which seem to hit their stride at about age 2 - but this requires, of course, that you can show the discipline to leave them alone for a year or two after they're first released. Lovely mix of soft, ripe tropical fruit and more pungent red grapefruit flavors, along with savory herbs. Pristine, focused feel to this wine, in common with just about everything Rochioli makes. - HK 2011-01-08


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