2000 Rosenblum Mourvedre Continente Vineyard
San Francisco Bay, California
WB Rating: 81

Alcohol by volume: 13.6%
Price at time of purchase: $14.00 (Whole Foods)
Type: Mourvedre
Principal varietal(s): Mourvedre

Slightly muddly purple color. Assertive, bright cherry/plum nose that struck us as a bit medicinal. Chewy, somehwat dusty prune flavors, pungent and moderately tannic finish. Interesting if funky wine, but suffers greatly in comparison to some Rosenblum Zins that were tasted at the same time. (Note: This wine was tasted with lunch about a year ago, and was much more highly rated. Perhaps it was the magic of the food or setting at that event, or the fact that no "benchmarks" were tasted with it, because it did not come across nearly as well this time around.) - HK 2002-09-29


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