1999 Salamandre Wine Cellars Primitivo
Monterey, California
WB Rating: 89

Alcohol by volume: 18.3%
Price at time of purchase: $30.00 ()
Type: Zinfandel
Principal varietal(s): Primitivo

This was tasted blind, and comments like "fruit bomb", "jammy", "silky" were mentioned, but never "alcoholic". This wine obviously holds its huge port-like alcoholic blast in check. It is intensely fruity, with forward plum and sweet cranberry flavors coating the palate. There was some difference of opinion within the group about the sweetness level (slight but definitely perceptible) and complexity, with rankings from 87 - 91 among the tasters. It's obviously a matter of taste in unusual wines like this. The wine seemed to have no tannin, though maybe it's just submerged in the other components. Very tasty, though, and fun to drink now. - WB Team 2002-04-24


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