1999 San Andre's Merlot
Lontue Valley, Chile
WB Rating: 72

Alcohol by volume: 12.5%
Price at time of purchase: $5.99 (unknown)
Type: Merlot
Principal varietal(s): Merlot

A monolith of fruitless tannin if there ever was one, leaving a bitter, metalic aftertast. The taster acquired this selection as a *dinner guest* gift, so availability is unknown. (Fortunately, the suspicous host set the gift aside for a more *private* occasion, sparing the guest from embarassment.) Actually it is a good thing to experience something mediocre occasionally, to re-validate our rating scale. After drinking really quite good wines almost all of the time, one can start to wonder if the standards have slipped. Apparently, it's not a problem. - MJA 2002-09-19


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