2001 Michael David Winery The Seven Deadly Zins
Lodi, California
WB Rating: 84

Alcohol by volume: 14.8%
Price at time of purchase: $12.99 (The Wine Club)
Type: Zinfandel
Principal varietal(s): 100% Zinfandel

This is a blend of Zinfandels from seven different growers in Lodi, packaged with a cutesy label identifying various human frailties such as lust and gluttony. ("Those are sins?" responded one taster, shortly before being vaporized in a shower of brimstone.) Fairly hefty style, with good spice and cherry fruit in the nose, though a hint of a medicinal edge was also detected by some tasters. Chewy texture with almost over-ripe dark berry and plum flavors. Not bad for the price. - WB Team 2003-03-27


User Comments:
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[cyclone428  2013-02-03] a fantastic, full bodied Zin. too bad i bought only one bottle. good structure and full of spice. some green tannin, but very drinkable. better than a lot of Zins i have tried lately  User Rating: 91.
[KenCrab  2006-07-25] Great pepper taste. Little to no finish. Highly recommended and you can ask your guests to list the 7 deadly sins.  User Rating: 90.
[quietlydisagree  2006-02-03] bought one bottle, enjoyed it so much we went back for a case.  User Rating: 90.
[tsuiters  2005-08-05] very nice and smooth  User Rating: 98.
[tsuiters  2005-08-05] very nice and smooth  User Rating: 98.
[tsshot@tds.net  2004-05-22] very drinkable and smooth  User Rating: 90.