2008 Spiral Wines Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley
Napa Valley, California
WB Rating: 80

Alcohol by volume: 13.9%
Price at time of purchase: $4.99 (Trader Joe's)
Type: Cabernet / Bordeaux
Principal varietal(s): Cabernet

A Napa Cab for $5? Hard to believe it's possible, but we live in amazing times. For the price, this Trader Joe's product is actually quite acceptable - no really objectionable qualities such as you find in many inexpensive wines. (Also no particular depth or varietal purity or complexity or excitement that leads one to drink more expensive wines.) This one has simple cherry and currant flavors without the sweetness or medicinal nature of many cheap wines, and overall a nice quaffability. Open-knit, soft, fairly unstructured and uncomplicated, not bad for an everyday red. - HK 2010-04-18


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