2014 Trentadue Old Patch Red Lot 41
North Coast, California
WB Rating: 84

Alcohol by volume: 14.2%
Price at time of purchase: $10.99 (Olivers Market)
Type: Zin blend
Principal varietal(s): Mainly Zin and Petite SIrah

In ancient times, the Trentadue Old Patch Red field blend used to be made almost entirely from 100+ year old vines. Hard to believe that's true anymore given its amazingly low price and "North Coast" appellation. But it is still a supreme bargain in everyday reds - a plump, juicy, fruity wine that's neither syrupy nor heavy, and with a civilized alcohol level for consumption with food. Lots of ripe berry fruit with a touch of spice; round, full, and straight-ahead in the mouth. Perfect wine with pizza or barbecue. - HK 2016-08-24


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