2002 Yellow Tail Shiraz
South Eastern Australia
WB Rating: 86

Alcohol by volume: 13.5%
Price at time of purchase: $7.99 (Safeway, Cost Plus)
Type: Shiraz
Principal varietal(s): Syrah

I am really having a great time discovering the inexpensive Aussie Shiraz offerings. I am not sure whether it is the grape, the winemaking style, or the climate and soil, but some of these inexpensive wines really work for me. In many respects, these fruity wines remind me of Zinfandels in the early 'Zinfandel Discovery' era. Intense, fruity, powerful, affordable, and new. The '02 Yellowtail Shiraz is another fine example. Reduced, sweet raspberry flavors, good length, and slightly tangy finish with just a hint of lingering honeysuckle. Let's hope that these affordable imported wines help to keep the local product price range under control. (Price quoted is Safeway member discount price.) - MJA 2003-01-26


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[cwatts  2003-11-25] A decent bargain Shiraz. I picked up a 1.5L for $8.99. Light raspberry and plum notes accented with vanilla bean with a good tangy finish that really makes this wine drinkable. I\'ve seen 750ml bottles for as little as $5.00 and averaging around $6.00.  User Rating: 83.
[MJBulldis  2003-01-27] $4.99 at Cost Plus.  User Rating: 86.